Bad smell of your skin? There is a solution!


Nobody could understand an exact reason of disgusting smell of the body and hair of some people. However it is known that people from different countries of the world has got the same problem. Their body and head skin has disgusting smell of cat's urine, fake rubber or just suffocating smell. At the same time shower or bathtub taken many times a day don't help. The persuasive smell which impregnates with itself all clothes and the room instantly comes back again and again. Doctors can`t and don`t want to help.
Bad smell of your skin? There is a solution!

This strange smell causes an allergy in people all around. They begin to sniff and to cough. Generally only close relatives can sustain these "aromas". Communication with other people becomes real torture. The simple visit to a drugstore or a shop, travel by public transport, work at office becomes torture.

What it is and why? Problems with liver or kidneys? A special type of a fungus or a bacterium which settle on our skin and mucous? Doctors don't want to find it out. It isn't interesting for them. And the people having this illness go crazy from hopelessness. They become closed, they give up work and consider their life finished.

There are several advices which can help you to get rid of this problem or minimize it as much as possible to start leading normal life over again.

First of all you should do medical analyses to exclude the serious reasons of this terrible smell (blood and urine test, complete blood biochemistry, check work of liver enzymes, make ultrasonography of your GIT, adrenal glands and kidneys. Make tests for checking your thyroid gland, blood sugar. You can also check your organism for parasites and venereal diseases. All these analyses can help to understand the reason of this odor.

Then your further actions:

1) A strict diet (full refusal of meat, sweets, flour products, try to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, full refusal of coffee and tea - drink herbal teas, compotes, water, eat in small portions).;

2) Take sorbents before going to bed

3) Take drugs for protection of your liver (even the simplest and inexpensive Cynara extract helps);

4) Wipe your body and head skin with apple or ordinary vinegar, special attention to axillary hollows. Do vinegar masks for your head skin and hair. For this purpose rub properly your head skin with vinegar and put on the head a package for 15 minutes. Then wash away with a shampoo. Wipe axillary hollows with a disk moistened in vinegar at least twice a day after having washed up your skin. If you have a gentle skin, vinegar can be dissolved in clean water.

5) Wash out your nose and your throat with a sea salt solution;

6) And the main thing, don't give up! Never give up! All will be fine!

ALSO TRY TO EAT HONEY! THIS BAD SMELL WILL DESAPPEAR AND PLEASE BE CHECKED FOR a liver failure, a renal failure and the hidden diabetes mellitus. dle

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